Digital Radiology

The next logical step in Radiology was to digitalize the studies. As happened with photography is easier to store images, less wasted material, improved imaging and digital tools (enhancing, zooming, gray scales and so on) can be applied to medical images.

And RESOMAZ WAS THE FIRST DIAGNOSTIC CENTER in bringing this technology to Mazatlan back in 2006. Yes, we care about improving in other fields besides MRI.

Open MRI

Fast, comfortable for claustrophobic patients, overweight patients and kids.

MRI WAS BROUGHT FIRST TO MAZATLAN BY RESOMAZ (hence our name), MRI is ideal to asses neurologic (brain and spine) disease, muscuskeletal pathology (joints, ligaments, muscles). No ionizing radiation or iodinated contrasts are required.

Multislice Computed Tomography (MSCT)

This evolution from the former CT (Computed Tomography) made faster than ever to obtain "slices" from our body. The dedicated computer programs that join the method allows multiplanar reconstructions, 3D modeling and density measures.

MSCT is performed on any part of the body but its main strength resides in obtaining thin slices from the lungs, abdominal and pelvic organs. However due to its fast scan-times (it takes 20 sec to evaluate all the abdomen and 10 seconds to assess the chest) is used often in emergency situations with unstable or unconscious patients.


Ultrasound has a definite place in the diagnostic tools of Radiology and Imaging. It does not use ionizing-radiation or contraste media, is easy, portable and economic.

Is use is devoted to solid organs (i.e. live, gallbladder, kidneys, uterus),small parts (i.e. breast, thyroid, testicles) and also is used as guiding tool for biopsies.

Doppler Color Ultrasound

Do you recall the time when you heard the whistle of a train and you can tell by that if it's coming or going away? Well, Doppler Effect is the way we can tell what's going on. In Medicine Doppler effect has been coupled to digital imaging by Ultrasound so we can assess the blood flow thru veins and arteries and diagnosis thrombosis, phlebitis or venous insufficiency or narrow areas in the arteries. The color gives further information about the blood flow.

Transcavitary Ultrasound

The method of choice to assess the prostate gland in the female and uterus and ovaries in the female. The definition obtained by this means is superior to the classic "thru the belly" assessment.


This is the most important study for early breast cancer detection.

At Resomaz we often have detection campaigns and promotions. Our goal is to help our community to become aware of this terrible disease.

Peripheral Bone Densitometry

Ideal for Osteoporosis detection, a silent disease. The study is fast, cheap and without any risk to the patient. A few minutes of your time will avoid months or days of painful recovery.

Laboratory Tests

We have specialized equipment to perform any tests you may require.