About Dr. Mock

Dr. Enrique Mock

Enrique Mock, md was born and raise in Lima, Peru. His career in Medicine was done at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG). After that he went to Mexico City for training in Radiology and Imaging at Mocel Hospital in Mexico City.


Dr. Mock recalls his first encounter with MRI … "in 1986 I came back to Lima for a year of internship, while in rotation of Internal Medicine a resident showed me an MRI imaging of a Pituitary adenoma, I just couldn't believe it, although to our current images it was quite rudimentary I was hooked on MRI. From that point on I had Radiology in mind as a potential choice for a specialty, I realized that Radiology was not a cold and distant field of Medicine but a truly way to actually "see" the disease…"


After finishing his training in Radiology, Dr. Mock was hired as Radiologist by the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología . After a while the bond between MRI and Dr. Mock was so strong that he decided to go deeper in that area and started a fellowship at Hospital Angeles del Pedregal, at that time the only Hospital with 1.5 Tesla magnet. He remained from 1991 to 1993 at Hospital Angeles. In 1994 he was hired to run the Radiology department of brand new Sharp Hospital in Mazatlan. After 6 years he decided to start a new project: The first MRI in Mazatlán and south of Sinaloa, for that he partner with new friend and invaluable mentor, Dr. Amilcar Correa, a prestigious neurosurgeon of New Orleans that had choose Mazatlán as a retirement place.


In 2000 the adventure started with only a MRI, a x-ray machine, a small ultrasound and a laboratory.


After eleven years we now have Open MRI, Multislice CT, Doppler ultrasound, digital imaging, mammography, bone densitometry, lab tests and medical offices.


"it has been a long run with ups and downs but we really enjoyed… and we are eager to see what the future has for us in the years to come… as one of my favorites singer said once: life is beautiful danger…." says Dr. Mock with a smile.